Newsletter - September 2010

Kojak Fundraiser Sept. 11th

Fundraiser for Kojak is Saturday, September 11th here at Spring Lake Equestrian Center. All horse lovers and horse helpers are invited.

Kojac's wish list if for MTG or any other skin conditioner, as he has very little hair left, Equine Senior Feed, Betadine Solution, Surgical Gloves, Field Feed Tub, Coppertox, and Hoof Boots. His recovery is going to be long and expensive so monetary donations will be greatly appreciated, too. Kojak's webpage click here.

Senate Bill S.727

In the light of the arrival of our new friend Kojak we can not help but revisit the issue of of mistreatment of equine by humans. For all of us horse lovers Senate Bill S.727 is just a small step to providing proper treatment of horses. This bill is "To amend title 18, United States Code, to prohibit certain conduct relating to the use of horses for human consumption."  To read more of the bill at the Library of Congress click here.

There are many ways to get involved to help the equine cause but the first step is to be informed. There are groups in our area and throughout the United States that lobby for the proper treatment of horses. For more helpful information from Alex Brown Racing by clicking here.

Mistreatment of horses has drawn interest of some of the most influential people in the country. To read more of how Jospehine Abercrombie pitched the Judiciary committee as described in the from the Paulick Report click here. We can all do our share to help the horses "One Bale at a Time".

Chris Tutcher Joins TROT Board of Directors

Chris Tutcher was recently appointed to Secretary and Volunteer Coordinator for TROT (Thoroughbred Retirement of Tampa) where her dedication and love of horses are an incredible asset. Chris has been volunteering at Spring Lake Equestrian Center since TROT had their "Bath Day" on the ranch back in April. She is actively involved in finding forever homes and has recently adopted "Mean Kisser" an off-the-track thoroughbred.

Splash's First Day With The Herd

Splash enjoys his first day with the herd roaming around him. He was originally an off the track thoroughbred and recently reitred from his second career with the Hernando County 4H Girls Club. He was given the name "Splash" because he has birth marks on his sides and it looks like we've splashed water on him. Read more about Splash here.

Fundraiser Day on the Farm

September 11 - Kojak had a wonderful day enjoying his new friends who visited to join the fundraiser. Pavla and Seckin Ozkul, from the Czech Republic, talk with Felicia and Julia about hoof and other issues as Kojak takes a drink to wet his whistle. A thank goes out to Pavla and Seckin for their contribution to the Help Save Kojak fund. Read more on Kojac here.

Big Shot Dan Gets A Big Shot Bath

September11 - With all the attention going to Kojak on Saturday, Big Shot Dan caused a little ruckus until Julia gave in a gave him a bath to cool off. Needless to say the Dan was happy boy! See Big Shot Dan's beautiful head shot here. Rumors have it he wants to be on the cover of GQ.

Kojak Feels Better

September 14 - Kojak is really starting to look and feel so much better. He is eating more and more each day as we are slowly increasing the amount of food, vitamins and minerals he gets. It is amazing that only after a week he responds when we call his name. He really has a big heart.

Pedigree's Are Posted

September 22 - Spring Lake Equestrian Center is happy to announce the posting of our thoroughbred's pedigree and genealogy. To view your favorite horse's ancestry just go to their profile page. If your favorite throrougbred's pedigree isn't posted drop us an email and we'll look into it. Isn't it cool that Big Shot Dan is a descendant of the Famous Secretariat.